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    Vegan and gluten-free chickpea salad. (weight around 250g)Ingredient: organic chickpea, corn, cucumber, non-spray celery, non-spray cherry tomato, organic olive oil, organic maple syrup, organic apple cider vinegar, lemon.

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    Vegan and a gluten-free savoury muffin.Ingredient: rice flour, cassava flour, organic almond meal, organic coconut cream, organic dried tomato, organic handmade cashew cheese, non-spray kale/spinach, non-spray tomato, non-spray zucchini.

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    Vegan and gluten-free apricot loaf. Ingredient: rice flour, cassava flour, banana, organic almond meal, organic almond milk, organic coconut sugar, organic date, organic homemade almond butter. (weight around 130g)

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